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Hickman Family Farm must be stopped. They are polluting our air, and destroying our quality of life in Tonopah, AZ.

The HICKMAN Family Farm came to Tonopah AZ in 2014 with a third party land purchase. They did not tell the seller what the property would be used for. They proposed twelve million chickens for eggs. This unincorporated town of Tonopah, AZ has to breathe pathogens, chicken dander, and dust kicked up by their operations. We are five thousand people; we all vote. We have NO representation because our county supervisor is the President of the company. That is a CLEAR conflict of interest. We have gone to other members of Senate and Congress. We have not heard back. We went to Federal Agencies for Environmental concerns. They tell us they are doing their best to make sure Hickman’s is compliant with regulations. Then why are we being terrorized in our own homes and property? We can’t go outside and have a barbecue this Labor day, because no one wants to deal with the flies or the stench. Hickman’s is one half mile from the epicenter of our town. Why should they be able to come settle here and ruin our quality of life and the planning and development we had already planned before the Hickmans plopped down here? We have a hot spring here that has been here for thirty years. People come from all over the world to heal in its waters. Please help us get our President to help our little community. Thank you.



We support the Tonopah STOPP and the residents of Tonopah AZ. Please preserve the natural beauty of our community and protect the right of all Americans to visit and enjoy the beauty of the Tonopah area.