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Sanction Clint Hickman

Sanction Clint Hickman

Board Of Supervisors Meeting

September 21, 2016


Clint Hickman should be sanctioned, banned, prohibited from making any decisions or being involved in any votes or decisions related to Maricopa County Air Quality Department activities and air quality policies, and air quality rulemaking.  Here’s why:

While serving on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors representing District 4, his company the Hickman Family Farms built an egg factory in Tonopah.  They call it the Tonopah Hickman Egg Ranch.  Here are the air quality violations that have occurred during construction and operation:

  • Dust control violation on May 14, 2014 for not completing Basic Dust Control training. (Inspection Report – Violation 732962)
  • Dust control violation for not completing Basic Dust Control training, no trackout control device, and log did not include quantity of water application for control measures. (Inspection Report – Violation 732897)
  • Notice of Violation for operating without a Non-Title V Air Quality Permit was issued to Hickmans on November 20, 2014. (Inspection Report – Violation 732995) Hickman actually started their egg factory operation without a permit as required by Maricopa County and the Clean Air Act.  Unbelievable that a member of the Board of Supervisors would act so irresponsibly.
  • Violation for manure mounding over sides of cargo container (agency words for it was spilling on the road) on September 2, 2015. – Violation of Rule 310 §305.1A.(2) (NOV 735365)
  • Violation for manure truck load mounding/no tarp on October 28, 2015. – Violation of Rule 310 §305.1A.(2) (NOV 735365)
  • When a minor air quality permit modification application was filed on November 16, 2015, it revealed that the Hickmans had been operating a 990,000 Btu/Hr boiler for over a year without a proper permit. (Chickens moved in on September 16, 2014.)  There was no consequence to the Hickmans and the Maricopa County Air Quality Department covered up the violation.
  • The application for the permit was not complete and included false information. This should have been deemed incomplete as it states on the form and it is a violation of Maricopa County Air Quality Rule 200 § 401.  Maricopa County Air Quality Department did not reject the application as required and covered it up.
  • Continued violation of the permit Odor Control Standard since initial operations –almost daily- The Odor Control Standard is a permit condition, which reads:
  1. Standards:

No person shall emit gaseous or odorous air contaminants from equipment, operations or premises under his control in such quantities or concentrations as to cause air pollution.

[Rule 320 §300]

  1. Material Containment Required: Materials including, but not limited to, manure shall be processed, stored, used and transported in such a manner and by such means that they will not unreasonably evaporate, leak, escape or be otherwise discharged into the ambient air in such quantities or concentrations as to cause air pollutions smells, aromas or stenches commonly recognized as offensive, obnoxious or objectionable to a substantial part of a community. Where means are available to reduce effectively the contribution to air pollution from evaporation, leakage or discharge, the installation and use of such control methods, devices or equipment shall be mandatory.

Maricopa County Air Quality Department continues to cover up these very obvious and blatant violations and will not enforce the permit odor control standard and requirements to stop the stench.

  • In 2015 there were 120 complaints about the Hickman egg factory in Tonopah filed with Maricopa County Air Quality Department and 65 filed with ADEQ. Almost all of them are related to odor. There will be even more in 2016.
  • Maricopa County Air Quality Department did not do a New Source Review as required by the Clean Air Act when the initial permit was issued on November 20, 2014.

It is worth noting that Hickman Family Farms have violated other non-air related environmental regulations, too.

Hickman Family Farms are an offender and violator of Maricopa County Air Quality rules and his facility’s permit.  They believe that their business is above the Maricopa Air Quality Rules and can ignore the rules to expeditiously put their business into operation for the gain of profits.  Then they arrogantly continue to not comply with rules and permit conditions and expect forgiveness from the Air Quality Department with no or very little consequences.  I urge you to prevent Clint Hickman from being involved in air quality related votes and decisions.

Why is Maricopa County Air Quality Department covering things up and not enforcing rules and permit conditions?  Are they being intimidated?  You should look into that, too.

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