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Hickman Spill 02/08/2016

2/8/16  approx 1pm


Hickman spill on 411th Ave and Indian School. Picture taken by Trevor Segrist and posted on Tonopah Valley Bulletin Board.

It appears that he was standing on the Shell Gas station property (NW Corner of Indian School and 411th and aimed the camera towards the empty lot on the SE corner.)


At 1:30 pm I was also called by a person living near the egg factory. He described the mess as about 150 pounds of meat or flesh.  He also saw flesh hanging from the mud flaps of the truck.


Another  lady sent me a picture taken on her phone, and also responded:

Hickman spill at corner Monday morning. Not sure what it is. Looks like chicken guts but don’t know for sure. Definitely wet and soggy



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